What began in 1990 as a local spectacle of music and vaudeville-theatre, has become an international performance playing in festivals from Indonesie to Edinburough.

For 20 years Helen and Yvonne, from "The Living Jukebox", homebased in Amsterdam / Holland, turn an oldfashioned mechanical diner-jukebox into a living, breathing, entertaining show. Helen and Yvonne will bring you classical highlights from rock&roll , pop , country&western , tearjerkers and opera.

You can find more than 50 songtitles right beside the stage on the billboard.You can make your choice and do your request to our lovely Yvonne.

For only 5 euro ( or 3 pounds ) per song, Helen and Yvonne entertain you with over 50 songs jukeboxstyle and they promise to make a great party.

With interim music from that wellknown Alexander Gibson and the songstyles of Helen and Yvonne LIVE, you will feel emotion from joy to melancholy.

The Living Jukebox is an irrisistable funny theatrical and musical spectacle and is sure to open the door to everyone's heart.

De Parade